The members of the Arizona Rifles stand first to God, from whom we acknowledge the authority of all rights, and all the blessings of government and to our native soil. We therefore pledge to promote and defend the inalienable rights of all citizens, regardless of race, sex or national origin, as is expressed in the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution. We can no longer in good conscience support the direction that this country is heading. This compels us to stand up for our liberties and our American way of life

      We declare before all humankind that we are a group of free men and women dedicated to the preservation of our members and families. We will execute a plan whereby we can defend our liberties and ourselves. All our training and preparation plans are geared to achieving this goal.  This we do in the face of impending calamity that is sure to end up forcing government control upon the masses.

      We reserve the right to use force of all manners to defend our honorable way of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.   We vow to suppress domestic insurrections and violence that threaten our country.  We do this by both direct and indirect means.  We will also act to support and assist the appropriate officers of the law in upholding and maintaining law.  The law must be in accordance with such Local, State, and Federal statutes and laws that do not present jeopardy to rights as acknowledged in the U.S. Constitution.

Danger level: Orange